Grandmaster Yang Jun UK Seminar - Oct 2018

 Once again, we have a rare and exciting opportunity to learn and practice with Grandmaster Yang Jun. At age 5 years, Grandmaster Yang Jun began his study of traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan under the expert tutelage of his Grandfather, Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo, 4th generation, and son of Grandmaster Yang ChengFu.

Grandmaster Yang Jun has been teaching overseas for a number of years and is the 5th Generation Yang Family lineage holder and President of the International Yang Style Association (, and is certified as the highest level judge in China.

Having attended a number of Grandmaster Yang's seminars over for the last 13 years, I have been able to significantly develop my Tai Chi Chuan knowledge and skills, whilst learning from a very warm, jovial and humble teacher.

Grandmaster Yang Jun speaks very good English, and is able to explain the intricacies and subtleties of this art in a practical and very informative manner. If you would like to develop your art, this is a great opportunity to receive expert instruction in traditional Yang family Tai Chi Chuan.

Seminar Details

Grandmaster Yang Jun will be returning to Cambridge to teach Traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 103 Long Form & Push Hands from Saturday 6th October to Monday 8th October 2018.

The Hand Form seminar will take place at Chesterton Sports Centre, Gilbert Road, Cambridge, CB4 3NY. The daily session details are as follows:

Saturday 6th - 103 Long Hand Form (9am - 12 noon, 3pm - 5pm)

Sunday 7th   - 103 Long Hand Form cont.. (9am - 12 noon, 3pm - 5pm)

Monday 8th   - Push Hands (9am - 12 noon)

 As you can see the 3rd day is a Push Hands session. This session will be limited to 20 students and is only open to members of the International Association who have signed up to participate in both the Saturday and Sunday Hand form sessions.

 The full details, including pricing, are shown in the attached Registration form. As you can see, we have added an early sign-up discount (until 1st July), and also given non-members the opportunity to become members of the International association and receive further discount.

 If you would like to participate, please click on link below to complete page 2 of the Registration Form, pay your deposit and Registration fee (via internet banking, if possible) and return to myself (see address on the form). For those of you travelling and requiring overnight accommodation click on the accommodation link below for details on local Hotels and B&B establishments.

If you are not an Intl Association member ($30, approx £23) and would like to participate in the Push Hands session, receive seminar & product discounts, a 200 page plus Student Guide - Essentials of Tai Chi Chuan (pdf), and an excellent twice yearly journal, then this is a very good time to join, as the UK seminar fee is discounted for members.

 If you're interested in becoming a member please go to the 'members area' at and follow the simple online sign-up process. On receipt of your membership number please add to your completed registration form and return to myself with your deposit and £15 registration fee.

 If you have any questions please contact me via return email or call me on 07540 735401. Alternatively, all docs and details can also be found at

 Best Regards

Mike Taylor & Martin Fayers

UK Yang ChengFu Centre Directors

 2018 Seminar Registration Form 

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